Learn Japanese - Tutoring, Lessons & Classes in Melbourne
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Japanese For Fun

If you want to learn Japanese for fun, have hobbies/interests related to Japanese culture or want to learn Japanese for a specific purpose

Japanese For Students

If you are taking Japanese classes in High School or University and would like some extra help with writing, speaking or listening to Japanese.

Japanese For Business

If you are heading to Japan for your work, to teach English or would like to keep your options open when you arrive.

Japanese For Travel

If you love Japanese culture, are planning to travel to Japan and want to learn how to speak the language and learn more about this fascinating country.

Your Japanese Tutor in Melbourne

Izumi is one of Melbourne’s most experienced Japanese teachers with over 10 year’s experience teaching at all levels in Australia. During this time she has taught at primary schools, secondary schools and tutored groups of university students. She was even the head teacher at one of the largest Japanese language schools in Melbourne.

Izumi’s mission is to provide the best learning experience for her students and to make the experience of learning Japanese as enjoyable and easy as possible. She achieves this by taking the time to get to know each and every student and putting together personalised lessons that suit their personality and learning style. Each class is adapted classes to individual student needs and the diversity of her students and their stories is one of the things she likes the most.

However, you will also quickly learn that is Izumi has her own quirks that make her lessons interesting and memorable beyond the learning experience.

Izumi special talents include: Always looking fashionable (even on off days), making people smile with her cute and unassuming nature and explaining the most complex of Japanese language concepts in a series of cute and playful cartoons / manga.


Experience teaching Japanese at all levels in Australia

Why Choose Izumi



Izumi has been teaching Japanese for quite a long time and has quickly learned to adapt her lessons to each student. To most, it may seem like Izumi’s Lessons are very laid back – but they are in fact very deliberate. Conversational topics cover the most important learning points, but always remain fun and interesting. For visual learners, Izumi is a star at summing up major learning points with cute cartoon / manga style drawings.

Izumi is well known for her drawing and art style using cartoon-style characters to illustrate her lessons. These drawings and examples help students to retain more information from each class and add to the enjoyment of each lesson. If you have a request she may even make a personalised drawing for you!

Forget the stifled planned conversations from school language lessons.

Imagine talking about topics you are actually interested in! The more you share of yourself and your interests, the more Izumi will try and tailor the learning experience to those topics.

Japanese the interesting way.

Single Lesson ($50 / 1 Hour)

Individually Tailored Lessons at a local cafe, library or your own home.


Video Lesson ($50 / 1 Hour)

Individually Tailored Lessons via video meeting. Skype, Zoom or a video meeting software of your choice.

Lesson Package

Buy lesson packages and save. 5 lessons ($240) or 10 Lessons ($430)