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Learn Japanese for Working and Living in Japan

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Heading to Japan to Work or Live?

If you are heading over to Japan for business, you should know that not only is business Japanese different, but doing business in Japan comes with it’s own unique set of rules and it is better to be prepared ahead of time.

If you are heading over to Japan to live, you will also want to learn conversation Japanese, plus local customs, body language and culture to make your move as seamless as possible.

If you will be looking for work once you arrive in Japan it is a good idea to have JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) qualification before you leave as this gives potential employers confidence in your Japanese ability.


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5 Reasons to get in touch with Izumi today:

  • Experience teaching business Japanese
  • Individually Tailored Lessons based on students experience, learning style and interests
  • Learning materials provided that supplement and expand upon key learning points
  • Far more fun than your typical classroom
  • No homework!

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