High School and University Japanese Tutoring in Melbourne
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High School Japanese Tutor

Want to get ahead with your Japanese Studies?

Izumi has taught Japanese to High School and University level students at all levels and in a variety of different programs with different teaching styles, textbooks and resources.

However, her strength is helping her students consolidate key learning points by giving them greater context with lessons that explore topics in enough depth that they help students with their Japanese far beyond the classroom.

Each student is different and has a different learning style and reasons for learning Japanese and by uncovering each students interests and style Izumi is able to create lessons that are interesting and memorable for her students.

If you want to get ahead in your studies, but also want to enjoy the experience and learn at a pace that is comfortable for you let Izumi know.

5 Reasons to get in touch with Izumi today:

  • Experience With Both High School and University Japanese Programs
  • Individually Tailored Lessons based on students experience, learning style and interests
  • Learning materials provided that supplement and expand upon key learning points
  • Far more fun than your typical classroom
  • No homework!

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