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Learn Japanese for Fun and Travel

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Going to Japan? Or just enjoy Japanese culture?

For those that have been to Japan, you will know that it is a very interesting country with many things to see and do.

For those who haven’t yet travelled to Japan I am sure that some aspect of Japanese culture has piqued your interest.

Some of Izumi’s past students have had some very interesting reasons to travel to Japan including:

– Becoming a Japanese Santa Clause
– Abandoned Building (Haikyo) Exploration
– Learning more about Japanese vending machines

As well of the more common interests in Japanese music, food, fashion, design, architecture, art, anime, manga, cosplay etc.

Whatever the reason, learning Japanese can enrich your experience.

Izumi’s lessons are built around your interests in Japan and reasons for going and cover the common situations you are likely to come across when in Japan.

As an example – If you are interested in Japanese fashion, you may need lessons around asking for a larger size of clothes, a different colour or just asking locals where cool and interesting fashion stores are located.

Izumi would love to hear your story and help you to get the most from your Japanese experience.


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5 Reasons to get in touch with Izumi today:

  • Situational learning – classes based on your interests in Japan and reasons for travel
  •  Relaxed, fun and interesting classes
  •  Advice about interesting places to go and things to do
  •  Keep Izumi’s own style of Manga teaching materials
  •  No homework!

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